GoodBuggies  Natural  Probiotics

Let's be real...

Like.. What exactly are probiotics and why do our kids really need them? Can't they just get them naturally? And how would I even get my kids to take them?

Figuring out the truth about probiotics these days seems almost impossible!

What if you found the probiotic that ACTUALLY makes sense, and works the way nature intended?!

And... what if it tasted so good that your kid actually begged to take it?!


starts working right away!

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No mixing! ready to enjoy

No need to hide this in juice or applesauce! 

tastes like a treat

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organic ingredients

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And what if the probiotics you could offer them were LIVE and ACTIVE, with a strong army of good buggies to help your child’s gut right away?


What makes goodbuggies different?

LIVE & ACTIVE cultures means Goodbuggies Probiotics start working RIGHT AWAY!


  • Most probiotics are actually freeze-dried and stabilized... so they can survive the processing, shipping, and storage processes. Why is this so bad?  This storage-friendly method kills many of the bacteria, and it also means that the probiotics that survive the process are basically dead when you take them! They aren't ready to start working in your body. 

DEVELOPED NATURALLY - these probiotics were NOT man-made in the lab - they are true fermented food-based natural probiotics. And they are not dormant, they are active etc etc

Made in the USA- 

Kid-friendly formulation - 

Organic ingredients-

NO MIXING & NO HIDING! Because we don't want to hide health right?? Other probiotic powders need to be mixed into a drink - no need to hide these! these good buggies easy and fun to eat, kids will ASK you to take them 

kids will get excited to add to their army of "good buggies" every day!


Tastes amazing!  - Developed by a mom and taste tested by kids to perfect the most delicious formula- tastes like a treat, not a supplement.

Why give your kids probiotics anyway?

Here's why probiotics work...

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How are YOUR probiotics made?

Now, there’s an option that provides all of the benefits of natural fermentation — in a product your kids will actually LOVE taking!

I wanted you to be able to have the best possible probiotic for your kids! 


Normally, Goodbuggies Probiotics is only available from our site for $XX...


Since you bought The Buggies In Bella's Belly I am offering a special deal that you'll only see here on this page! 


You can get Goodbuggies LIVE & ACTIVE, kid-friendly probiotics for only $XX — a XX% savings!


Just click to add it to your order now, and you'll receive it with your book... so you can use them together to teach your child about the importance of gut health AND be able to tell them they are adding to the good buggies in their belly with each day of taking the probiotic!  

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