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Hi! I'm Alana, the creator of The Good Buggies.  I developed The Good Buggies initially with no other goal in mind other than to help my own daughter.  I had discovered that her gut health was the root cause behind the many symptoms she had developed, and I was ready to make some serious changes.


But I knew that all this hard work would only be worth it if I could get my daughter on board too.  I needed a way to explain what was happening to her in a way that she could understand - but also a way that was truthful - not another watered down explanation about healthy foods giving us muscles (have you ever seen a kid actually get big muscles from eating that bite of broccoli?!) And so, the "buggies" were born. I told her the story of the good buggies and the bad buggies that live in our bellies, what they do, and how they make us feel. 

And it worked! It clicked instantly. And not only that, it lasted. A year later, when my daughter asked why everyone doesn't know about the buggies, I knew I had to spread the word.  


And that's why now I'm a mom on a mission.  To give parents the tools they need in to help their kids in a fun and meaningful way. All the tools I wish I had while I was going through this. I'm so happy to help you in this journey - here's to healthy, happy kids!

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